Linking to Electronic Books: ebrary

The Library now provides access to ebrary, a collection of over 30,000 current academic books in all subjects. Here’s how to link to excerpts from these books for BlackBoard or other web documents:

1. Look up the book in BobCat, or use the ebrary link

2. In BobCat, look for the link to ebrary at the bottom of the record, below the call number.

3. Download the ebrary viewer if necessary (the reader is a simple plugin for your browser)

4. Put your cursor on the first page of a chapter that you are interested in and right click your mouse. (Mac users should open “InfoTools” in the Reader and choose Copy Bookmark)

5. From the menu that appears select “Copy Bookmark.”

6. Paste the hyperlink into BlackBoard (or other document).

7. Add the prefix the beginning of the URL for the article. This prefix is necessary for students to access the article links from off-campus.

EXAMPLE of finished link:
“Questions of Style and Authentication” in Hemingway, Sean A., Horse and Jockey from Artemision : A Bronze Equestrian Monument of the Hellenistic Period. Ewing, NJ, USA: University of California Press, 2004. p 83.

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