Spring 2007 Statistics and Mapping Presentations

Friday GIS Clinics: Every Friday @ 10:30 a.m. thur April at FTS Stats/Mapping Computational Lab within the ITS North Dorm Lab located at 75 3rd Ave, (corner 3rd Ave and 12th Street). Come and discuss your problems and meet other GIS users.

Enroll in ESRI Virtual Campus Courses, see http://training.esri.com/gateway/index.cfm?fa=catalog.gateway for descriptions of available courses. Contact frank.lopresti@nyu.edu for more info. GIS presentations will be announced during the semester.

Feb. 22 is a Quick ArcMap tutorial. (Create a quick and dirty map using
GeoLytics Census Data over 4 decades and ArcMap. GeoLytics data available
at Stats/Mapping Computational Lab at North Dorm. ArcMap is a GIS from
ESRI and is used at NYU. See esri.com for more info.)

Statistics Package Presentations

SPSS INTRO Tutorials, Fridays; Jan 26, Feb 2 @ 1pm, Jan 16 @ 3pm

SPSS INTERMEDIAT Friday, Feb 9 @ 1pm

SAS Intro Tutorial, Feb 9 @ 3pm

New!! Stata Intro Tutorial, Feb 16 @ 1pm

Tutorials last about 1.5 hours and are in the North Dorm PC Classroom. The TS North Dorm Lab is located at 75 3rd Ave, in the sub-basement (corner 3rd Ave and 12th Street). No reservations needed.

Instructors interested in arranging introductory presentations especially for their classes should contact frank.lopresti@nyu.edu for more info.

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