JSTOR/ARTSTOR Combined Search

Searching JSTOR, the fulltext archive of important scholarly journals, also retrieves images from ARTSTOR,
the digital library of art images and descriptive information.

ARTSTOR JSTOR combined search

“Users have the opportunity to keyword search JSTOR article content, JSTOR image captions, and ARTstor image metadata. The combined search result page is separated into three tabs – Articles, Images from Articles, and ARTstor Images so that users can easily view and choose among their results. [Since NYU Libraries] participates in ARTstor and JSTOR, you will see ARTstor image thumbnails as well as the title, creator and date information in your search results. You can click to view the full-sized image and complete metadata through the ARTstor website.”–JSTOR

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2 Comments on “JSTOR/ARTSTOR Combined Search”

  1. matthew gliva Says:

    rock and roll

  2. […] ArtStor/JSTOR combined search Now we’re talking. I did not know this until today, but a search on JSTOR will now return article results, image results from articles in JSTOR, and images in ArtStor. See here: […]

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