Fales Library Food Studies Programs on the Web

If you missed NYU’s Fales Collection’s “Critical Topics in Food Studies” live programs last year, you can see them on the Web!


Programs include:

  • Food Writers of Greenwich Village: a panel discussion among:
    * Mimi Sheraton, food writer and veteran food critic for The New York Times
    * Madhur Jaffrey, author and leading authority on Indian food; known for her BBC food shows
    * Betty Fussell, author of My Kitchen Wars, among other books; food historian
    * Mitchell Davis, food writer; director of publications, The James Beard Foundation
    * Jeffrey Steingarten, food critic for Vogue and author of The Man Who Ate Everything

  • From There to Here: The Chains and Systems of Food a panel discussion among
    * Dan Barber Chef of Blue Hill Restaurants and Creative Director of Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture
    * Marion Nestle NYU Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health; author of What to Eat, Food Politics, and Safe Food.
    * Fabio Parasecoli Journalist for Gambero Rosso; NYU Food Studies adjunct instructor
    * Gabrielle Langholtz Manager of Special Projects & Publicity for NYC Greenmarkets
    * Gus Schumacher Former Under Secretary for Farm & Agricultural Services at the USDA and consultant to the Kellogg Foundation
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