GIS Workshop and NYU User Meeting

WHEN: Wednesday, November 14, 3PM-5PM
WHERE: Bobst library, 2nd floor, Avery Fisher Center East room

3-4PM Introduction to ESRI’s ARCIMS (Internet Map Service) by ESRI representative
4-5PM Initial user group discussion – all interested NYU faculty and students welcome

If you are interested in participating in an NYU GIS user group but cannot attend this first discussion, please let us know by e-mailing We will contact you about future activities and potential meeting dates.


NYU’s first GIS Users Group meeting will take place November 14 from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Bobst library in the Avery Fisher Center’s East room on the 2nd floor.

From 3-4 PM, An ESRI/ArcGIS consultant will introduce ArcIMS. ArcIMS (Internet Map Service) allows interactively functional maps to be published on the web.

With ArcIMS you can:

* Deliver dynamic maps and data via the Web.
* Create easy-to-use, task-focused applications that use geographic content.
* Develop custom applications using industry-standard Web development environments.
* Share data with others to accomplish tasks.
* Implement GIS portals.

This product is part of the suite of ESRI mapping products now available with the NYU ESRI site license.

From 4-5PM, attendees are encouraged to stay and discuss common interests related to GIS on campus.


ArcGIS and other ESRI products are the premier suite of Geographical Information System (GIS) tools used at NYU (see ArcGIS free licenses are now available for distribution at NYU. ArcView, the most popular desktop mapping product will still be available at every ITS student computer lab or classroom, but in addition, NYU faculty and researchers may now obtain a free license for ArcGIS.

Another feature of the new license is for faculty wanting to make this software available to their classes. Along with a copy of ArcView for their use, faculty may obtain a one-year timed version to be distributed free to their entire class. This will allow students full functionality of ArcGIS and to take ESRI Virtual Campus classes at home (see .

Faculty may request that an entire class be enrolled in a monitored web introduction to ArcView mapmaking or in many other self-paced courses.

Many other ESRI tools such as Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst are included in the DVD. For more information and to obtain the software, please attend a GIS Tuesday, 1:00 pm Clinic at North Dorm Stats/Mapping Lab, 75 3rd Ave. down 2 flights or email

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