ITS Stats/Mapping Spring 2008 talks @ Bobst

Open to all NYU, all talks @ 4 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays starting February 5. Instructors interested in arranging introductory talks tailored for their classes using these statistical or GIS software are encouraged to contact

All talks at Bobst BLCC (Bobst lower-level computer area seminar room)

SPSS, SAS, STATA, R, and QUICK MAP/Arc Intros and Intermediate Talks:

  • SAS Intros: Tues Feb 5, Tues Feb 14
  • SPSS Intros: Thurs Feb 7, Tues Feb 12
  • SPSS Inter: Tues Feb 19
  • QuickMap/Arc, Thurs Feb 21. Intro to using Census data and ArcMap. ESRI’s ArcView/ArcMap software is now available free for researchers and instructors may arrange free software and on-line courses for students. Contact for more info.
  • STATA Intro: Tues Feb 26.
  • R Intro: Thurs Feb 28. “R is a statistics package that, like SAS or SPSS, can be used for statistical analysis or statistics courses at any level. It is also much more: it is free and open source!” (from NYUConnect article –
  • SPSS using GeoLytics and ICPSR data archives: Tues Mar 4. ICPSR (see is the primary archive for many social science data sets. GeoLytics is an easy to use 5 decade value-added source of census data.
  • SPSS using Web and bubble questionnaires. Thurs Mar 6. An introduction to using Web-based SurveyMonkey and paper “fill-in-the-bubble” questionnaires – technology available to NYU researchers.
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