Coming Soon: Changes to BobCat

In mid-July, we will begin transitioning to a totally new BobCat that will make it simpler for you to find, discover, get, use, share and save all kinds of information. Searching won’t require new skills — but you’ll get more information when you search, and an array of options for finding and using the rich results you get.
As we implement the new system, you will see enhancements including:

  • more powerful searching
  • simultaneous searching across multiple databases
  • book and article searches from same starting point
  • BobCat records in non-Roman scripts, e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic
  • options to save your search results for future use
  • ability to export search results to RefWorks, de.lic.ious and others
  • book covers associated with records
  • inks to Amazon, Google Books, tables of contents
  • options to contribute reviews and read those written by others

As we phase in these features, you will find yourself able to do much more with your search results—tag them, save them to your personal e-shelf, create links to other work, get all kinds of related material, share your results and much more.

We will be piloting the new system over the summer. Development will be an ongoing process and we welcome your comments about the new system so that we can continue to improve it to meet your research needs. We’ll also be looking for your ideas about additional features you’d like to see.

Please visit late in July, and, as you begin to use the new features, let us know what you think. We’ll also announce on LibLink, of course.

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