Increased Access to BobCat via Port 80

A number of users had reported that they were unable to access the new BobCat off-campus, because of the port restrictions (port 1701)

Good news! BobCat can now be accessed via “port 80” which is the standard port for most web services.

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7 Comments on “Increased Access to BobCat via Port 80”

  1. Josephine Gear Says:

    I see that if I use port 80 I will connect to BobCat. How do I do this? I haven’t been able to connect to BobCat for months. Still can’t. Have no trouble with anything else on the website. Thanks.

  2. Alex Says:

    Thanks for posting info about access via port 80. This seems to be a fix for many browsers (opera, mozilla) but not Safari. I have had trouble accessing Bobcat using the apple’s safari browser for weeks and have confirmed this with others. I am currently accessing the site with Opera but wonder if this is posing a problem for other mac users.

  3. Alex Says:

    Thanks for the ideas but clearing the cache doesn’t seem to help. When I try to load the page “” the address begins to load then changes to “”

    The load bar gets about half way and then just disappears and the browser is blank. This happens every time I try to load the page in safari but never with opera.

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