Bobst Library Lower Level 1 Renovation and Expansion

In order to serve the growing academic needs of the community, we are renovating a former staff area on Bobst Library’s Lower Level 1. The renovation will add classrooms, graduate student spaces, more seating and new lockers. Plus, the Lower Level 1 restrooms will be completely renovated and expanded. This is part of a University-wide initiative to upgrade academic and student spaces.

The project will run from early March through summer, and the new classrooms will open in September. Lower Level 1 will remain open for use during this project. The Computer Center and classrooms, snack lounge, adaptive computing rooms, and most of the 24-hour study areas will remain accessible.

Construction begins Wednesday, March 4. To minimize noise, most work will be restricted to the hours of 2am – 10am. We want this project to have the least possible impact on users, so work will be shut down during final exams.

We’ll keep you informed of changes that might affect your work on the Lower Levels via our website and LibLink.

You can send any questions to:

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