A Message from the Dean of Libraries about BobCat

Dear BobCat searchers,

I am writing to apologize for the frustrations you have experienced in using (or trying to use) BobCat in recent weeks and to let you know that we are working very hard to eliminate these problems.

Our new BobCat is a new generation discovery and delivery system, designed to enable you to interact with library information in the ways that you have come to expect on the web. We have given our highest priority to bringing you the best available research tool we could obtain. We are the first library to introduce this tool to the scale of use that it encounters at NYU, and it appears that the cutting edge is sharper than we expected.

We are working very closely with our vendor, Ex Libris (http://www.exlibrisgroup.com/) to identify and resolve problems. They are extremely responsive and are working closely with our team of librarians and technologists to diagnose our stalling/freezing incidents and fix software issues.

While we are experiencing these difficulties, we have made available a more traditional library catalog that we refer to as BobCat Standard. BobCat Standard is on the “Find Resources” menu on the Libraries’ homepage, or directly at http://bobcatstandard.library.nyu.edu:8991/. You can search BobCat Standard in the same manner as any other library catalog.

We expect to correct the problems and downtime episodes soon, but do not yet have a complete diagnosis for all problems. I hope that BobCat Standard will serve your needs when BobCat is down. Please accept my apologies for the obstacles and frustrations this has caused in your work.


Carol A. Mandel
Dean, Division of Libraries

p.s. Your comments are always welcome at http://library.nyu.edu/bobcat/comments

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