BobCat Fully Functional

BobCat and BobCatStandard are now fully functional.

Users are able to sign-in, see their e-shelf, view their “library account”, place holds, recalls and offsite requests, and renew materials.

At this point we are still a little behind registering all of the check-ins and check-outs that occurred while BobCat was not fully functional. But we did not want to hold up full access while we input that information. As a result, users checking “my library account” may find that it is not fully current, since we are behind with registering books you may have returned or checked out during this period. Since we have not yet fully caught up with every transaction that has occurred, you may also find that the status of some books is not correct. We recommend that if a book states that it is available and you are unable to locate it on the shelf, that you complete a quick search request. Conversely, if it indicates it is checked out, you might want to double check the shelf, just in case. This only affects a very small number of books, and we anticipate that we’ll be caught up within the next day or two.

Thanks for your patience during this very difficult time when BobCat was not fully functional. Our apologies for the difficulties and inconvenience that it brought about for you all. We’ll keep you informed about follow-up work.

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