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Help Installing Ebrary Reader

September 28, 2006

Ebrary is the Library’s new 30,000+ title electronic book collection. Some users have reported some problems installing the browser plugin to read the books. Here are solutions from Ebrary:


Can I Get a List of Book Titles in Ebrary?

July 5, 2006

We are adding individual ebrary titles to BobCat. At this point we have loaded about 25,000 of them.

You can search for them in BobCat by:

**choosing “all collections” under “select a collection”

**in phrase search, choose “related name” and type ebrary

**To find out if specific titles are included, go to keyword search and combine related name=ebrary with title or author

You can also browse the ebrary collection in ebrary by broad subject headings. In the search panel on the left of the ebrary opening screen, choose “browse”. Click on the subject heading and the individual titles will be displayed. See LibLink FLICKR images for an illustration.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Online

April 24, 2006

A user writes, "I think that we should get a subscription to the Oxford English Dictionary."

The Library responds, "We're happy to say that the library does subscribe to the OED. You can connect to it online in a variety of ways including:

1. From the research channel of NYUHome
2. From BobCat
3. From the QuickRef page at: — just click on dictionaries.

Hope this helps."

Improving Bobst study rooms

April 24, 2006

A user writes, "I would like to suggest placing trash receptacles in the individual study rooms on floor LL-2. Having nowhere to put their trash, students tend to leave it on the desk and floor, making the room unpleasant for its next occupant. A small investment in a few trashcans would make a much more pleasant environment for those of us that find ourselves here frequently."

Lucinda Covert-Vail, director of Public Services reponds, "Thank you very much for your recommendation, it is a great idea. We'll "survey" the area and order the appropriate number of cans."